6 Ways to Keep Your Newborn Calm & Settled

How do you ensure your beautiful baby remains calm and settled during a photoshoot? Mothers ask me all the time how toView full post »

Dear every Mum…

Dear every mum I’ve ever known, I’m done. I can’t and I won’t compete anymore. I’m not the ‘perfect mother’ because noView full post »

Lighting for Studio Baby Photography

As a baby photographer, there are lots of options when it comes to lighting.  Lighting is one of the most importantView full post »

3 Tips to Help With Post-Partum Depletion

While not as commonly known as post-natal depression, post-natal or post-partum depletion is a very real thing affect 1View full post »

Top 5 Tips for Displaying Your Photographs in Your Home

Photos aren’t meant to be hidden on a USB in a drawer somewhere.  They should be displayed in your home for youView full post »

Thinking of becoming a baby photographer? Read this first

Are you thinking of becoming a baby photographer?  I totally get it.  I was in your shoes 7 years ago.  The allure ofView full post »

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