Coronavirus and Newborn Photography

As of today, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared a global pandemic for COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus. But what does this mean for parents out there wanting newborn photography and how is this going to impact upon the baby photography industry?

First and foremost, I would like to say that I am not an expert in health or in virology. I leave that to the experts in that area. In Australia we should all be heeding the current advice from the Department of Health – for me in NSW Australia that’s NSW Health. They have a great page with all the latest information on the Coronavirus and the latest guidelines and information for the public.

> Check here for the latest information about Coronavirus from NSW Health

With so much media coverage I know many people out there are feeling concerned (and if you see the state of stocks of toilet paper and paper towels at my local Woolworths, I’d say some our outright panicking!). With this environment on unease, I want to help allay any concerns my upcoming clients may have on my return from maternity leave. Here are some answers to some questions you may have as a parent and are booked in or wanting photographs of your newborn:

I am already booked in for a newborn photography session with you. Will that session still go ahead?

Following the guidelines of NSW Health, there should be no problem with continuing with your newborn photo session (so long as both myself and my clients remain well). Sessions will continue as per normal except where myself or my family become ill (or if my clients become ill), or are needing to self-isolate (due to direct contact with a confirmed Coronavirus case, or travel to an affected country).

The health and safety of my clients and their precious newborns (as well as my own family and small children) are my top priority. I will be in contact with you should any of the above circumstances occur and we will arrange to reschedule your session.

As always, I will never continue to run a photo session where I am unwell as I would never want to pass an illness on to a new baby or their family. If you are unwell, I do ask that you inform me as well so that I can help keep my little ones safe also.

coronavirus and newborn baby photography
The safety of my littlest clients and their families is always my number one priority

What steps do you take during a newborn session to keep my baby safe from viruses and illness?

As a baby photographer (and as a parent of 3 young children), it’s important to me that I do not spread illnesses and viruses to my clients and newborns who can be particularly vulnerable to illness in the first few months of life. I take the following steps at all newborn photography sessions (and I always have) to help keep babies safe:

  • Cancelling and rescheduling sessions where I/my family are unwell and I am likely to be infectious.
  • Washing my hands with soap and water and/or alcohol based hand sanitiser prior to handling babies
  • Cleaning and sanitising the studio area as well as props and fabrics
  • Ensuring that my vaccinations for whooping cough and seasonal influenza are up to date

What if I no longer feel comfortable continuing with a newborn photo session?

If you are already booked in for a newborn session with me I encourage you to discuss your concerns with me. If you feel that you are no longer comfortable in continuing to have a photography session due to concerns regarding Coronavirus, I am happy to reschedule your session to a later time in the year. Please be aware that newborn-style images are typically not possible after your baby has reached 6 weeks of age so the sooner you are able to come in the better the results will be. You are most welcome to defer your session to a 3 month session, a Little Sitter session, or a 1 year cake smash session instead. Unfortunately I am unable to refund your session fee.

Thank you again to all my clients at this time. As Australians we will weather this tricky time (as we always do no matter what comes our way!). Lets keep calm and get through this tricky time together with clear communication and respect for each other.

Best wishes!

Amy xx

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  • Stefan RobertI have read your article. Newborn photo ideas are bound to feature scrunchy little faces, sweet wrinkles, and rolls and there is nothing more precious than that!. Thank you

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