How to prepare your baby’s skin for their photo session

If you have an upcoming photo shoot with your baby or newborn, here are my top tips for getting their skin prepared for their session. Many newborns have skin rashes, peeling skin, redness or blotchiness. This is completely normal! There are some things you can do to reduce these skin issues (and your photographer will love you for it as it will drastically reduce the amount of time they’ll need to dedicate to reducing these in Photoshop!)

Top 3 tips for prepping your baby’s skin

  1. Reduce time in the bath

    Bathing your baby washes the natural oils from their skin. This is made worse by adding harsh soaps or warmer temperature water. In the days leading up to your session try to reduce the amount of time in the bath, or only using soap when really necessary.
  2. Moisturise

    It’s normal for babies to have peeling skin in the weeks after birth. You can reduce the appearance of this by applying a good quality moisturiser. Pure oils such as coconut or olive oils are a great chemical-free barrier.
  3. Loosen their nappy

    On the morning of your baby’s photo session, it’s a good idea to loosen their nappy a little. This prevents indentations and red marks on their skin.

    You might like to visit the Australian Raising Children website for some more helpful suggestions for looking after your baby’s skin.

    Don’t worry too much! Photoshop is amazing

    Try not to worry too much about the appearance of your baby’s skin for their photo shoot. Newborns and babies typically have a range of skin issues. It is rare for a baby to come to their appointment without some sort of blotchiness, baby acne, peeling, redness or yellow tones from jaundice. These are all things that can be reduced in Photoshop so that they are less noticeable in your final images.

A before and after with Photoshop. I removed the small flakes of skin and reduced the red blotches on her forehead

If you have any questions at all on my newborn and baby photo sessions, please get in touch! I look forward to meeting you and your little one soon.

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    Finalist NSW Photography Business of The Year

    Last week I got the exciting news that I’ve made finalist for the NSW Photography Business of the Year awards. To say I was excited was an understatement!

    Find A Photographer is the leading photography directory in Australia. The directory lists photographers across Australia in a variety of genres including newborn and baby photography (my specialities!).

    I’m a NSW State Finalist in the Photography Business of the Year Awards. Woo hoo!

    Thank you to all my beautiful clients who took the time to leave a review for me. Every kind word and 5 star rating helped me to reach this amazing achievement. I couldn’t have done it without you.

    Who will be the NSW Photography Business of the Year for 2021?

    The winner of the NSW Photography Business of the Year will be announced on the 20th November. I’ll be watching online with all of my fingers crossed that it’s me – but I’m in very good company with some incredible competition! Whoever is the winner, it will be a wonderful achievement and there will be lots of congratulations all round.

    Thank you once again to all my clients for all of your support of my little business over the past 10 years. I couldn’t do it without you.

    Amy xx

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      Wall of Light Baby Photography Lighting

      It’s time for yet another update to my Baby Photography Lighting info! You might recall I did a previous post about my lighting here. Back then I was using a continuous light in a octagonal softbox. Recently I moved to a new studio and with the Sydney COVID lockdown restrictions, I saw the opportunity to get my dream lighting. A beautiful “wall of light”!

      What is a Wall of Light?

      Basically a Wall of Light is exactly as it sounds! It’s a wall of thin LED lighting panels placed side by side to make a large wall of light. It looks just like a huge window of natural light in photographs except it has a few huge benefits. Firstly, it’s artificial so it’s always the same strength regardless of the weather. And secondly, the colour temperature stays the same regardless of the time of day. You literally just flick a switch and you’re good to go. Another great benefit is that you don’t have an annoying light stand that you need to move around and it takes up no space. The panels are about an inch thick so it’s fantastic for smaller studio spaces.

      What equipment do I need to build a Wall of Light? Is it expensive?

      The main thing you’ll need are LED panels. You can get these relatively cost effectively at places like Bunnings or online on eBay. The number of panels you’ll need depends on how large a space you’d like. The larger your wall though, the softer the light. Your best bet is to get as many panels as possible. The biggest time and expense comes with installing the panels together. You’ll need some timber framing to enclose them as well as the expertise to wire them together.

      LED wall panels are installed together with timber framing to create a large wall of light. This sort of light is perfect for in-studio baby photography sessions

      How do I soften the light once my LED panels are installed?

      Once your Wall of Light is installed, you’ll need some white ripstop material hanging in front of the panels to soften the light. This is a very cheap nylon material that you can buy from fabric stores such as Spotlight. You’ll need at least 2 layers to make the light nice and soft.

      Ready to transform your studio space?

      I hope that you found this information helpful! I’d love to see some photos once you’ve transformed your studio space with your very own Wall of Light!

      Good luck!

      Amy x

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        COVID Lockdown Reopening

        Hello fellow Sydney-siders. I hope you’ve all been ok over the difficult months of lockdown. It certainly has been a difficult time for everyone with lockdown restrictions and the financial implications of business closures.

        Baby Photography Studio is Reopening from the 11th October

        I’m happy to announce that my baby photography studio will be able to reopen from the 11th October for all baby photo sessions. To minimise the risk of transmission of COVID in the studio, there will of course be some new requirements:

        • Only immediate family members will be permitted in the studio. This means no extended family unfortunately.
        • All adults must be double dose vaccinated by the time of their session and able to show evidence.
        • No clients should attend the studio if they are at all unwell, or if they are a close or suspected contact of a COVID case
        • Masks must be worn at all times in the studio except when being photographed.
        • All adults must check in via the QR code and sanitise their hands

        I’m ready to get back to photographing your babies!

        I’m double-dose vaccinated and am ready to get back to work. I have completed a COVID-19 Infection Control Training Certificate with NSW Health. I will wear a mask at all times during your session and will sanitise my hands regularly.

        I completed a certificate in COVID-19 Infection Control Training in 2020 to help keep my clients safe in the studio.

        Photography Bookings for 2021/2022

        Due to the large volume of bookings that have had to be rescheduled over lockdown, I’m not currently taking new bookings for the remainder of 2021. I’m very sorry to disappoint people but I just can’t fit in any additional sessions. If you already have a booking for this year your session will go ahead as planned.

        I am taking bookings for 2022 however the first half of the year is already getting booked up. If you are currently pregnant or would be interested in an older baby session next year please don’t delay in getting in touch with me to book a spot in my calendar.

        Thank You!

        I wanted to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone for your support over what has been a tricky time for small businesses like mine. It has been such a help having such understanding and patient clients who have worked with me during lockdown to reschedule their photo shoots. It has been such a help to me during this stressful lockdown period.

        Let’s hope that the coming months bring better days and the hard months of lockdown are behind us.

        sydney baby photographer in the inner west suburb of Balmain.  Amy Tong is now reopening from COVID lockdown.
        Here’s hoping for more smiles ahead in the coming months as Sydney comes out of lockdown.

        If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch! I’d be happy to help.

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          COVID-19 and your baby photo session

          A huge virtual hug to my fellow Sydney people. The latest news as of today (20th August 2021) is that the lockdowns will be extended until the end of September. Right now I’m sadly not allowed to operate. This means no photo sessions at all as it is not “essential”.

          I have a session booked with you. What do we do?!

          If you have a session that was already booked I would have no doubt been in touch. The only option is to reschedule your baby’s photography session. We don’t currently know when the restrictions will be lifted but as soon as they are I’ll be working my bum off to fit everyone in as soon as possible. Some people who were booked in for newborn sessions have already elected to just switch this to an older baby session later in the year/early next year which is totally fine.

          I want to make a booking for a baby photography session now. Can I?

          Sadly the lockdown restrictions mean that sessions currently cannot go ahead. I am currently not taking any new bookings for the remainder of the year as even when the restrictions are lifted I will need to be able to fit in my clients whose sessions had to be postponed during the lockdown. I miss my little baby clients so very much but this is the best that we can do.

          NO baby photographers should be operating right now. We all need to do our bit to reduce the spread of this awful virus.

          What about for a session in 2022? Can I book ahead for then?

          I am taking bookings for 2022 with the expectation that the restrictions will be eased by then. My goodness, they better or my 3 children will have sent me very grey by then!! If you’re pregnant and due in 2022 or are planning an older baby session I’d love to hear from you.

          Covid and baby photography Sydney
          Sadly, my Sydney baby photography studio is currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

          Will you be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 when you return to baby photography sessions?

          Yes! Absolutely! I am booked in and currently awaiting my vaccinations. I expect to be fully vaccinated by mid-September. It is very important to me that I do my part to protect my clients and vulnerable people in our community. I have also completed a COVID-19 infection control training certificate from NSW Health and I will comply with all recommendations and requirements to protect my clients and my family from infection when sessions are able to return.

          I’m really upset that I can’t get my newborn photographed at the moment. Is there anything else we can do while we’re waiting for restrictions to ease?

          In 2020 I produced a 20-minute video for parents to help them take lovely images of their baby at home. No photography knowledge or skills are necessary. If you’d like a copy please get in touch and I’ll send you the link.

          A final word…

          I hope you are all hanging in there ok with this lockdown. It has certainly been a tough time for everyone in Greater Sydney and Melbourne in particular. It is a particularly stressful time for parents of young children and expecting a new addition to their family. Please remember that there is help out there if you feel like you’re not coping. We can get through this together!


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            About amy - newborn & baby photographer sydney
            - Academy of newborn photography
            certified photographer

            - Over 9 years experience

            - Current CPR & Infant first aid

            - current whooping cough vaccination

            - multi award-winning

            - COVID-19 vaccinated &
            Infection control training
            experience & Safety

            Hi! I'm Amy Tong. I'm a newborn baby photographer in the Sydney Inner West surburb of Balmain, Australia. I'm Mum to 3 little ones, and wife to my best friend of almost 20 years. I've always been creative. A lover of music, art and history. Photography has been an important part of my life since I first picked up a camera as a hobby back in 2008.


            I began my career as a professional baby photographer back in 2012 and have had the honour of photographing over 300 babies since then.
            To me, photography allows us to preserve moments in time for future generations. I can't think of any better job in the world. I'd love to hear from you and help you hold on to these special moments too..

            Amy xx

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